Here’s my question. If you are a rapper supporting Barack Obama, why would you choose to do so in a song that uses profanity, lines like “hillary is a irrelevant bitch” and the like, knowing you and your song are going to be subject to so much scrutiny? (????) Well, for those of you living under a rock, Ludacris dropped a mixtape song entitled “Obama Is Here.” (Listen to it here). With the lyrics on the record, it’s like an open invitation to Bill O’Reilly and others to throw stones and turn this whole thing against the Obama campaign. Newsflash: it’s not helping.

We may not think that they are paying that much attention, but in the midst of this election campaign, the hip hop community need to be just a little more savvy when shouting out Obama or “supporting” him. the wrong move will backfire on the entire campaign. Now, I’m not even one to get political, but even I know that.

Here’s what Obama’s camp had to say and it wasn’t nice.


One thought on “Barack Obama Not So Happy With Ludacris

  1. I can’t lie – I love the record but rappers don’t ease off the issue, at least before he makes the office, he might not get there! !

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