So somebody’s people must have called somebody’s people because Beyonce hit the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday.

Ellen got Beyonce to “yapping” about marriage. I have to say that I’m feeling Beyonce these days (as you can see with my double posting). She’s been quite the annoying star over the years with her never-taking-a-break stuff, but there’s some honesty about her in these interviews that she’s doing. I like that she is talking about the marriage, not dishing on the details but acknowledging it, despite the fact that Jay-Z is still playing that game of keeping shut. I need to hear Jay-Z say “my wife” or something like that. I really need him to stop pretending it doesn’t exist. The jig is up, jigga, just say it. We’re not asking you to talk about it, we just want you to stop trying to play the Jedi Mind Trick.

5 thoughts on “Beyonce on Ellen Degeneres Show

  1. I agree that JayZ not acknowledging the marriage is bothersome. It seems as if he is disrespecting his vows and his wife. I understand privacy, but he would only be confirming what we already know.

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  3. beyonce can sell records she don’t need jay z for that shit shes a pop icon ok but iam mad that shes with jayz hes ungly if he ant had no money and just a guy of the street would you hallo hell no

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