Please do not tell me that you are surprised about this news. There are reports that one of the artists performing at the Presidential inauguration this year is none other than Jay-Z. 

Remember, Beyonce put her bid in early and she’s supposed to be performing too, as well as Leona Lewis. 

What songs should he perform? I say “Encore,” but encore for Barack, not Jay. I really hope he doesn’t do the “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” and show Barack on the screen doing it in the background. What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Jay-Z To Perform At Presidential Inauguration

  1. Oh kim! I am so, over Jay-z he is one of my favorite rappers, but the little corny crap that he does gets on my nerves. From the corny glasses to the corny interviews. He’s turning out to be a real big lame. Obama should keep him away from the inauguration and Beyonce as well. Just get J.Hud to do it.

  2. I am surprised by the announcement. How does Jay-Z fit in with the inauguration? Granted, his lyrics have become more progressive over the last couple of albums BUT I’m not feeling him for this event. And I’m just tired of seeing Beyonce, anywhere.

    Somebody find Aretha and Lou Rawls!

  3. I think that “Dirt off Your Shoulders” thing would be OK, minus the aforementioned video. Let Obama do his presidential thing, and leave the “cool” sh*t to the rappers.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what he does choose to perform.

  4. This is not a time to get SILLY. Jay z has a shady
    background( face it)! Jay Z has a (wife?) that has a split personality (face it)! Jay z calls women B****** and H***s ( face it)! Is this what we want to go down in history with our first Afro-American Presidential Inauguration? This is why WE must
    be careful when pursueing the Almighty Dollar. It
    could be used against us. Jay Z–support from the outer circle (face it)! CHOW

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