Just when you had enough of Kanye singing, here comes Lil’ Wayne. In a video interview with (sounds like) Julia Beverly (click here, but the audio is kinda bad), Weezy says his next album will be a full-on Rock album. No, seriously. Wayne recently performed with Kid Rock at the Country Music Awards (for real, he did), and now he’s taking his guitar-playing self to a whole new level.

There is not yet a title for this ever-so-wonderful upcoming album, but I’m sure it will be along the lines of “Weezy Rocks” or something like that. Kidding. “Rock The F. Baby,” maybe.

Read more here. In the interview he also talks (i mean, babbles because he is doing a mumble kind of whisper) about the reaction he got to news of his son.

9 thoughts on “Lil’ Wayne Recording Rock N Roll Album

  1. The ONLY way I can see this working, is if it has a Gym Class Heroes sort of feel to it. I’m all for rappers being experimental…but for real, don’t try to sell that sh*t to us UNLESS IT’S GOOD! LOL

    1. man, i hear where your coming from, but still, the album might just be goo, i’ve heard “Prom Queen” and thought it was actually decent, so if weezy pulls this off, then imma be seriously impressed

  2. I think lil wayne putting out a rock album is a bad idea because he’s gonna make a fool of himself. ( I DON’T LIKE LIL WAYNE ANYWAY )

  3. rocker4life i think you should stop breathing and try to commit suicide if you can because everything lil wayne has made has been amazing, so don’t hate cuz he rocks better than white guys

  4. Lil Wayne is Master Mind ! crazy music him + Rock i dint think it was a good idea but then i heard the Song Prom Queen , Hot Revolver , I am Not Human <– newest Rock one and there crazy sick !!

    cant wait 4 Da Rock Album !! Wezzy F Baby . and da F is for Fa nominal

  5. lil waynes parents should have never procreated him. He isn’t an artist, he doesn’t write his own music, and hes not even real rap. I hate rap but if you are going to rap, make it real. Like NWA, Public Enemy, BIG. not poser shit

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