Who’s song is this? Now, I know that y’all are going to expect me to have some kind of insider knowledge, and I did. When I first heard this song, I thought it belonged to T.I. off his “Paper Trail” album. But now after spending countless hours on the net, i’ve noticed it’s everyone else’s “swagger” but his.

This is obviously the hottest song out right now, but does everyone have to jump on the bandwagon and do their own version. Is the beat drought really that serious? I read somewhere that Jay-Z is doing his own “Swagger” for his album, featuring Andre 3000, Young Jeezy, and Nas, and I could have sworn this was from T.I.’s album. But isn’t the whole point of this song that no one has anyone else’s “swagger.” Hello?

Read Sohh blog here about Jay-Z’s upcoming swagger.

Puff has swagger (from Youtube). My favorite swagger so far…

T.I. has swagger too…


Swagger, swagger, swagger…who’s damn song is this? Lol.

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