Or at him? I don’t know but Diddy’s got me rolling on the floor with his blogs. These keep getting better and better. Why watch a reality show when you can just log on to youtube. I wanna say make him stop. But I keep watching…

This acting is better than Raisin In The Sun. Maybe he’s not acting. Anyway, it’s funny.

2 thoughts on “Diddy Scared Of Sarah Palin…Am I Laughing With Him?

  1. LMAO @ Diddy he needs to go sit down somewhere with his crazy behind. But he is right though the thought of her becoming president scares me to.

  2. SHUT UP DIDDY! SHUT UP!!!! I can not stand Hollywood right now. THEY ARE EX-WAITERS and WAITRESESS who are now over paid and think everyone wants to hear their thoughts because they have large bank accounts!! HEY HOLLYWOOD! Shut up! Do your job, so we can have something to do on nothing else to do weekends! The SCARIEST thing that could happen to this AWESOME country is that voters start taking their advice from DIDDY! He wants to be called DIDDY!! Okay? Enough said!

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