T.I.’s “Remember Me” Trailer

Just because you're locked up, doesn't mean you can't put out music. In the tradition of Shyne and Slick Rick, T.I. debuts his "Remember Me" trailer. Video coming soon. P.S. Every time I hear T.I. narrating something, I feel like I'm watching "ATL." more about "T.I.'s "Remember Me" Trailer", posted with vodpod

In Defense Of Cassie In The Nude

So here's the thing about the Cassie photos that I find interesting. Cassie titties leak onto the internet and the blogs go crazy. then she responds in what I think is an appropriate response. She says "mine weren't the first you've seen....and they won't be the last. People need to grow up, and move on..." … Continue reading In Defense Of Cassie In The Nude