Ghostface’s “Whatever Whatever”

Hey, go to my girls' site, and count how many times Ghostface says "whatever whatever" in the interview. He's doing a song-by-song tour of his album The Big Doe Rehab (what the hell does that mean? I love it.) which comes out this Tuesday. Every time he can't finish a sentence, he says "whatever whatever" … Continue reading Ghostface’s “Whatever Whatever”

Jay-Z: A Slave To The Double Entendre??

To "entendre" or not to "entendre," that is Jay-Z's question. 'Twas once a skillful clever wordsmith, whose unpredictable witty lyrics earned him praise and accolades, has become a victim of the spoken phrase with double meaning, spewing words now twisted up in the tangled web we weave. I remember when I first heard the phrase. Freshman English class. And … Continue reading Jay-Z: A Slave To The Double Entendre??

Nas Pushes Album Back…suprise, surprise…

This just in....Okay, not really. Can you guess that I'm being sarcastic, yet? Why is everyone reporting on Nas pushing his upcoming album, N***er, back a few months. You didn't really think he was going to put it out in December, did you? C'mon, when Jay-Z decided to drop his CD American Gangster in November that … Continue reading Nas Pushes Album Back…suprise, surprise…

Beanie Dis T.I.?

  If you haven't already checked out our Hip-Hop Vs. America Blog on, then please do. Not just because I work there, but because Beans sort kinda dissed T.I. and I love the drama. I think Beanie Sigel is the only rapper allowed to dis whoever he wants. I have no objections. I'm very … Continue reading Beanie Dis T.I.?